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Dr. Gobinda Kanti Pal

About Dr. Gobinda Kanti Pal
Cardiology, Medicine & Rheumatology Specialist in Bangladesh


Name Dr. Gobinda Kanti Pal
Specialty MBBS, BCS (Health), FCPS (Medicine), MD (Cardiology)
Hospital Mymensingh Medical College & Hospital
Chamber Swadesh Hospital, Mymensingh
Address 71/F, Sarda Ghosh Road, Mymensingh – 2200
Visiting Hour 4pm to 6pm (Mon, Tue & Thu)
Appointment Call Now: +8801734927758
Gender Male
Language Bangla, English
Practice Days Saturday , Sunday , Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday.
Off Day Friday


Profile of Dr. Gobinda Kanti Pal Cardiology Specialist in Mymensingh


In Mymensingh Medical College & Hospital. Dr. Gobinda Kanti Pal is a Cardiology, Medicine & Rheumatology Specialist. He got his degree in MBBS, BCS (Health), FCPS (Medicine), MD (Cardiology). He works in the department of the Cardiology, Medicine & Rheumatology Specialist at Mymensingh Medical College & Hospital. He regurlarly treats his patients at Swadesh Hospital, Mymensingh on a daily basis. Dr. Gobinda Kanti Pal office hours at Swadesh Hospital, Mymensingh are from 4pm to 6pm (Mon, Tue & Thu). The patients can call him for appoiment at this number Call Now: +8801734927758)

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