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Dr. Mahmudur Rashid Palash

About Dr. Mahmudur Rashid Palash
Child Diseases Specialist in Bangladesh


Name Dr. Mahmudur Rashid Palash
Specialty MBBS, BCS (Health), PGT (Pediatrics), PGPN
Hospital Pabna Medical College & Hospital
Chamber Mushfiqa Medicine Corner
Address Nayan House, Hospital Road, Crossing English Road, Shalgaria, Pabna
Visiting Hour 4pm to 8pm (Sat, Mon, Wed, Thurs)
Appointment Call Now: +8801713911647
Gender Male
Language Bangla, English
Practice Days Saturday , Sunday , Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday.
Off Day Friday


Profile of Dr. Mahmudur Rashid Palash Child Diseases Specialist in Pabna


In Pabna Medical College & Hospital. Dr. Mahmudur Rashid Palash is a Child Diseases Specialist. He got his degree in MBBS, BCS (Health), PGT (Pediatrics), PGPN. He works in the department of the Child Diseases Specialist at Pabna Medical College & Hospital. He regurlarly treats his patients at Mushfiqa Medicine Corner on a daily basis. Dr. Mahmudur Rashid Palash office hours at Mushfiqa Medicine Corner are from 4pm to 8pm (Sat, Mon, Wed, Thurs). The patients can call him for appoiment at this number Call Now: +8801713911647)

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